Python IDE Opinion Request

Daniel Klein danielk at
Sun Nov 18 16:40:32 CET 2001

I was disappointed with the Python mode of VSE. The one thing that turned me off was the 'View >
Function Headings"; it doesn't show the 'class' lines, so if there are 10 classes in a module, each
with an '__init__' method, you will see all the '__init__' methods but won't know which class they
belong to. Likewise for any other method that appears in more than one class.

I've submitted this as a 'bug' to MicroEdge, they've acknowledged it and said it would be fixed in a
future release, but I'm dubious that this will recieve a very high priority.

Sorry, I can't provide advise on other IDE's as I have only used IDLE and Komodo to date.

Daniel Klein

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 23:26:00 -0500, "A. Keyton Weissinger" <keyton at> wrote:

>Hello All,
>I am a recent inductee into the Pythonista Cult. I use MicroEdge's Visual
>SlickEdit (mostly so I can go back and forth with Python and Java, and Perl
>and Java, and HTML and Java, etc).
>However, I've played with a few of the Python IDEs out there. Some are nice,
>some are cute. None soom the "obvious" choice.
>0) This question must have been asked before. Can someone point me in the
>direction of the last set of answers?
>[If not:]
>1) Do you use a code editor (SlickEdit, emacs, etc) or an IDE (IDLE, etc)?
>2) Are there any IDEs out there that allow me to do UIs easily (ala VB)? I
>don't want a big code generator, but being able to drag and drop some simple
>forms would be nice...
>3) Does anyone out there use SlickEdit for Python? Any tips and tricks for
>that combo?
>Thank you all. I know I'm telling you nothing you don't already know, but
>Python rocks!
>Why is it not out there more????

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