Editor for Python: A PLEA

Tim Hammerquist tim at vegeta.ath.cx
Wed Nov 28 02:01:20 CET 2001

Hans Nowak <wurmy at earthlink.net> graced us by uttering:
> Max wrote:
> > Tim Hammerquist wrote:
> > > There need not be 50 conflicting opinions. One only needs two editors:
> > >    - Vim
> > >    - Emacs
> > > =)
> > 
> > Why two editors? Will not one or the other do?
> Yes, but which one that is has been an age-old dispute. :-)

Ding, ding, ding!!  And _that's_ exactly why I didn't choose just one.

> (Hint: I use the one that has the same name as a Dutch
> cleaning solution. :-)

I'm not familiar with Dutch, but mine's the one that can be stored as a
C char[] in only 4 bytes.  ;)

Tim Hammerquist
Things need not have happened to be true.  Tales and dreams are the shadow
truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.
    -- Morpheus, The Sandman

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