open(.xls file, 'w') so that hyperlinks appear

Lemniscate d_blade8 at
Tue Nov 13 22:45:54 CET 2001

Actually, here is the code I am working on now.  Like I said, I am
tring to learn COM and am, basically, adding methods to the EasyExcel
example given in the Excel chapter of Programming Python on Win32. 
Here is what the code I am using now.  It uses the same functions and
methods as the previous code, but uses the proper COM methods to
create a Excel file and enter data.  The problem I have now, as I
said, is that I cannot insert hyperlinks.  I believe I posted my
interactive attempts based on the Excel help files (they should be up
soon so you can see what I mean).  Anyways, here is my new code (quick
note:  I was working around the problem by creating html files with
the links I wanted and inserting them into an Excel sheet.  It
worked/works but is, like you said, not a python thing, plus it makes
things a whole lot messier.  I am also in the middle of adding a
Tkinter GUI interface, as well as converting over to
win32com.client.Dispatch methods, so the code is really messy). 

if __name__ == "__main__":
    opening = Tk()
    OFrame = Frame(opening)
    Label(opening, text = "This program automates the process of
searching public databases for information on particular genes.\nIt
uses accession numbers to complete this goal.").pack(side = TOP)
    Label(opening, text = "Please select the file containing accession
numbers ").pack(side = TOP)
    Quitter(opening).pack(side = RIGHT)
    fileOpener = Opener(opening)
    fileOpener.pack(side = BOTTOM)
    opening.title("Open A Text File")
    file2read = fileOpener.file2open
    fin = open(file2read, 'r')
    orig = fin.readlines()
    print "\nYour request is being processed..."
    timetocom = len(orig) * 9.0
    print "\nEstimated time of completion: %s" %
time.ctime(time.time() + timetocom)
    print "\nPlease wait while your command is completed...\n"
    StartTime = time.time()
    #fout = open(r"UnigeneLinks.html", 'w')
    #App = Dispatch("Excel.Application")
    #tout = open(r"accessnums.xls", 'w')
    #LLout = open(r"mLocusLinks.html", 'w')
    #HLLout = open(r"hLocusLinks.html", 'w')
    #Pout = open(r"Proteome.html", 'w')
    #OMIMout = open(r'OMIMLinks.html', 'w')
    #GenCdsout = open(r'GeneCards.html', 'w')
    #tout.write("Accession Number\tUnigene Link\tmLocusLink
Link\tHuman Locus Link\tProteome Link\tOMIM Link\tGeneCards Link\n")
    XL = EasyExcel.EasyExcel()
    XL.SetCell(1,1,"Accession Number")
    XL.SetCell(1,2,"Unigene Link")
    XL.SetCell(1,5,"Proteome Link")
    XL.SetCell(1,6,"OMIM Link")
    XL.SetCell(1,1,"GeneCards Link")
    xCol = 1
    xRow = 2
    global filelen
    filelen = 0
    for file in orig:
        file = getsetnums(file)
        if file[0] != '&':
            filelen += 1
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, file)
            xCol +=1
            UnigenePage = PrintUnigenePage(file)
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, "Unigene Link")
            XL.SetComment(xRow, xCol,
            xCol +=1
            LLstr = makeLocusLinkPage(UnigenePage)
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, LLstr)
            xCol += 1
            HLLstr = GenericLinkGen.FindThehLL(LLstr,
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, HLLstr)
            xCol += 1
            Pstr = GenericLinkGen.FindTheURL(HLLstr,
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, Pstr)
            xCol += 1
            OMIMstr = GenericLinkGen.FindTheURL(HLLstr,
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, OMIMstr)
            xCol += 1
            GenCdstr = GenericLinkGen.FindTheURL(HLLstr,
            XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, GenCdstr)
            xCol = 1
            xRow += 1
    EndTime = time.time()
    ElapsedMin = int(math.floor((EndTime - StartTime)/60))
    ElapsedSec = int(math.floor((EndTime - StartTime) % 60))
    secperfile = (EndTime - StartTime)/filelen
    ElapsedStr = "Number of accession numbers processed:
%s\nProcessing Time: %s minutes %s seconds\nEfficiency: %02.1f
seconds\\file" % (filelen, ElapsedMin, ElapsedSec, secperfile)
    xRow += 2
    XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, ElapsedStr)
    xRow += 1
    #tout.write("The program that produced this output is
copyrighted\n***** Copyright © 2001 by DeltaGen, Inc.  Program
Design//Implementation: DeltaXpress *****")
    XL.SetCell(xRow,xCol, "The program that produced this output is
    xRow += 1"AccessNums.xls")

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