finding a value in a tuple

Garth Grimm garth_grimm at
Fri Nov 30 21:26:10 CET 2001

Paul Winkler wrote:

>>>mylist = ['one','two','three']
>>>which I presume is a "tuple" as I have been scanning the manual. 
>>That's a list, not a tuple.  A tuple would be like 
>>           myTuple = { 'one', 'two', 'three' )
> oops, you mean:        ( 'one', 'two', 'three' )
> Garth, I assume that was a simple typo.
> just trying to make sure we don't confuse the newbies...
> --PW

DOH!  thanks Paul.  Even after you pointed it out, it still took me about 30 seconds to identify 
what was wrong.

Time to move to a different font!


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