A Python GUI Book.

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> What do you think would be a good application to show the basics and a few
> more sophisticated topics in programming GUI applications with Python?
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Nobody suggested it, so I will:

A GUI "face" for an offline browser:
Once you have a nice class that does the connection, grabs and parse the
(there are samples of this on the web) your project starts with the
That class will have a clean interface so newbies don't need to mess with
sockets, parsers, etc. And will show them how to design a GUI application
separating presentation and "business" layers.

The very first sample can be a window with a start (stop) button.
Then you can add a progress bar, etc.
And you can end with a multiple pane window with a tree widget showing the
site structure, tabs panes with dialog boxes for setting parameters etc.

And if you are brave enough you can finish with a multithreaded GUI

Hey! I love so much my idea that I will buy your book if you'll implement

There is no need to have a live internet connection for the samples to work
the offline browser can grab and parse the pages from the harddrive or the
for instance "grab" the Python Docs from the book's CD. (You are going to
include a CD with the book full of python related thing, right? :-)


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