Still on python GUI toolkit

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Wed Nov 21 09:33:13 CET 2001

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> >>>>> "LF" == Luca Fini <lfini at> writes:
>     LF> I'm trying to make a sound decision of which GUI toolkit to
>     LF> use for a new software project (it is the control and
> [snip]
>     LF> After browsing through the various comparisons I could find
>     LF> around I stripped down the list to three of them: Tkinter,
>     LF> wxWindows, PyQt.
> One big advantage of Tkinter over almost any other toolkit is that you
> can use/script an application written with it directly from the Python
> interpreter on different platforms.  This can be *very* powerful.  To
> do this with wxPython you have to do something like what scipy's
> gui_thread does which is not a clean enough solution.  I have no idea
> about pyQt.

You can create widgets and bind event methods to widgets using the shell
with PythonCard as well. You can do this with any app. There is also a
Property Editor for changing the widgets interactively at runtime, a
Namespace Viewer and a Message Watcher. There are examples of runtime widget
creation and event binding in the mail archives; it is very simple.


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