Library os.path.isfile(filename) - long filenames error.

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Nov 30 14:40:56 CET 2001

Clayton Brown - Emmie Osawa wrote:
> The python os.path.isfile() function gets a system error:
> "Filename or extension is too long." when tested on this file..
> "c:\path\path\path\kddf-slgjsfdljgklsj+=lkjdlfks
> jdlfkjsdk_lfjsdklfj+=ljk sjflksdj fklsdjf.ext"

There's no reason that filename shouldn't work, although
as written you might be implying it has an embedded newline
(between the two lines? or is that just a space) and 
in addition you might want to use one of the following
instead of what you wrote:

 "c:\\path\\path\\path\\kddf- .....
 r"c:\path\path\path\kddf- ...
 "c:/path/path/path/kddf- ...

(because without those, in some cases, the backslash
before the character will turn it into a special code,
such as if you had c:\test\test which has embedded tabs).

os.path.isfile() returned true on my machine (Win 98)
for that filename.

Best answer if you can't figure it out: type it in
the interactive prompt and then cut and paste the
resulting error message (and what you typed!) into
the newsreader window and post that.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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