Python, licenses and CVS

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Mon Nov 26 01:09:38 CET 2001

Hans Nowak <wurmy at> graced us by uttering:
> Howdy y'all,
> I'm currently developing a program (in Python, obviously) and plan to 
> publish it. Before I do so, though, I would like to have some opinions
> on the following:
> - should I use a license / copyright notice?
> - if so, which one would you recommend? 
> I know of the GPL, Python license, BSD license etc, and
> has a long list of them, but I absolutely hate legalese, and reading
> all of this and pondering the possible consequences of picking one
> over the other makes me cringe. Does someone have a pointer to a
> page with some concise explanations of these licenses?

The following page has a long list of licenses and their explanations.
The list seems somewhat biased towards the GPL, since it's hosted on, but is fair in its facts.

Python has had several licenses in recent times; this page mentions the
brief GPL-incompatible license and the current GPL-compatible one, so
you can make sure you get the right one.

In my case, my perl modules are released under the Artistic License
(like Perl) for consistency, while most other software I write comes
under the GPL or whichever GPL-compatible license is most appropriate.

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