Is this considered black magic?

Laura Creighton lac at
Mon Nov 12 17:02:38 CET 2001

I supplied the original version, and for my first trick I wanted to
silently skip objects that don't have a method whether or not
they have an attribute-that-is-not-a-method by the same name.
Sort of 'If you can do this, do it, if you can't, no problem ...'

This sentence reveals why I went out and made that sinful ugly
hack in the first place <object.__class__.__dict__[key](object, *args), 
for those of you that missed it>.  In the internal dictionary I keep in 
my head, an 'attribute' is not callable.  Up until yesterday, I didn't 
realise that the Python Usage is for methods to also be called attributes.  
So now I have to rearrange the contents of my skull again.  It's a good
thing that I enjoy this...

I have a new problem.  I've just lost a major amount of precision in my
language usage.  What is the collective noun for 'attributes that aren't
methods (you can't call them)'?

Laura Creighton

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