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John D. Gorman jdgorman at
Thu Nov 15 07:28:31 CET 2001

   If you've tinkered with wxPython, you should definitely check out the
bundled demo as well as some of the developer tools.   Things
to look at:
- Cameron Laird's collection of links:

wxPython related tools:
- Boa Constructor:

- wxDesigner

For simple tasks,  I'm kinda partial to Boa Constructor & wxPython.
I was able to get an analytical chemist with no prior programming
up and building usable GUIs in a matter of hours. (Of course, I
had to supply the callback  routines, but what do you want for nothing
The resulting codes run fine on both RedHat7.2 & Win2K.  Moreover,
they look mighty impressive to customers used to dealing with shrink-
wrapped software.

John Gorman

Cary Coulter wrote:

> While I've learned a lot of Python in the last year, all my scripts
> have run from the command line or as CGI programs.  I'm very happy
> with it all.
> I am interested in developing gui wrappers for a couple of my command
> line scripts to make them easier to use, especially under Windows.  I
> don't have any experience with the gui toolkits yet.  I'm looking for
> some hints on the pros/cons to help make a good choice.  I'm really
> looking at just learning one of them.
> I have looked at the demos for wxPython.  Have to say I like what I
> see, but I haven't tried to develop anything yet.
> Platforms would be Linux (primary), Windows, and AIX (didn't see any
> prebuilt code for wxPython).
> Your help/ideas are greatly appreciated.
> Cary

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