PHP vs. Python/comp.lang.php?

jcrowe jason at
Thu Nov 22 15:35:53 CET 2001

I think it all depends what you are going to be using the language for. In 
my opinion PHP and Python are not really comparable. I see php as a step up 
from cgi. I would not even concider using python for web scripts, it's just 
doesn't make sense ( if you know php).  But on the other hand I would not 
even concider using php to write a small app that is not web based.  They 
are both great languages, but they should be used where they are strongest.

If you want newsgroups checkout:

I will warn you that php is more like coding in c++, or perl. It may be 
confusing to learn php & python at the same time, but that will depend on 
you and your skills.

Good luck.

the Spinning Spider wrote:

> I'm finding learning Java is quite a tough challenge, like wading through
> a
> swamp.  So I'm exploring PHP and Python as possible alternatives.
> I notice there doesn't seem to be much mention about PHP by Python people
> whenever they mention other languages,
> e.g.,see
> Or is it because PHP is incomparable against Python?
> Could it be the news servers I have access to, or is there no
> comp.lang.php
> newsgroup?  Is PHP too insignificant?
> Will Python be too intellectually challenging, like Java?

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