IDLE improvement?

Luke LLoeffler at
Mon Nov 26 21:16:29 CET 2001

forgotten gentleman wrote:

> Hi, in Dr. Scheme, you can use two windows for interactive
> programming.  One is a normal text area where code can sit, and the
> other is the interactive prompt, just like IDLE's prompt.  The way it
> works is, when you press Ctrl-t or the big "execute" button:
> - The interactive prompt's memory is cleared and restarted
> - The code in the text area is interpreted, and loaded
> - Cursor is now in the interactive prompt, so you can play with what
> you just loaded
> As I understand, in IDLE you have to close and open the window, and
> then cut & paste your code back in.
> Is this true?  If it is, maybe I can help rewrite IDLE if the code
> isn't so complex.  It probably shouldn't be.
> TIA.

Check out idle fork on sourceforge.  They'd be the ones to chat with 
about new features.

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