Integer Overflow

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Wed Nov 28 15:07:53 CET 2001

"Gareth McCaughan" <Gareth.McCaughan at> wrote in
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> Yes, but the fact that you ask the question indicates that
> your model of the universe isn't quite the same as Python's.
> In Python, unlike C, *values* have types but *variables*
> don't. There's no such thing as a variable that can only
> hold "int"s in Python, for instance...

Yes, you are correct; I did not understand that Python worked
like that until someone emphasized that I needed to think in
terms of "binding" rather than "assignment".  Python is not the
first language I have encountered with this property, and
working with it is not a problem so long as I know what to
expect.  Either I took a lot for granted or the original
documentation didn't really emphasize this (or both).  In any
case, thanks for your comments.

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