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Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Tue Nov 6 07:09:55 CET 2001

>>>>> "NF" == Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale <wzdd at> writes:

    NF> On my system, "man 2 setsid" gives a useful, if terse,
    NF> definition of setsid(). This was useful to me six months ago
    NF> when I ran across exactly the same problem (wanted to write a
    NF> daemon) and didn't understand what setsid() did. :)

Anybody who wants to write a proper Unix daemon should read Stevens,
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, Chapter 13.  Actually,
if you're doing any amount of sophisticated Unix programming, with
Python or otherwise (yeah, right :), then the Stevens books are
absolutely indispensible, IMHO.


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