HOWTO: Programming S/MIME in Python with M2Crypto

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Nov 30 09:30:17 CET 2001

Richard Jones wrote:
> Netscape 6+ aka Mozilla aka "nobody uses S/MIME, it's not important,
> so we won't bother implementing it" aka *grrr* ...

Currently there is work done on S/MIME in the Mozilla project.

> You need to revert to a _useful_ email package, like the one with
> Netscape 4.7 or Outlook (the only two mail packages that I know of that
> support S/MIME in a graphical environment.)

Note that Netscape 4.x has interoperability problems with e.g.
wrapped header lines which affects e.g. S/MIME e-mails sent by

Ciao, Michael.

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