IsPython really O-O? - Think different !

Guido Stepken stepken at
Mon Nov 12 08:43:25 CET 2001

VisualPython is a windows port of the unix python from G.v.Rossum, done 
with cygnus (now redhat) GNUPRO suite. Microsoft has bought a Content 
Management System  (CMS), which was written in Python......and they rewrote 
it in C++ .....hmmm.... seems, they haven't unterstood really......But i am 
happy with microsofts change-mind in things like opensource, .net. But 
their licenses are still horror (EULA). IMHO they do forbid the use of 
their software together with GPL ....but i have no evidence (i dont't use 
M$ !). I there anybody out there, who has a copy of this M$ license ?

regards, Guido Stepken

>Gerhard Häring wrote:
> A minor correction: VisualPython is an ActiveState product. Microsoft has
> AFAIK nothin to do with it except that they provide VisualStudio 7 with a
> plug-in API for other languages, debuggers, etc.
> Gerhard

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