Using browser as interface to python app

Bill Bell bill-bell at
Sat Nov 10 20:43:30 CET 2001

sandskyfly at (Sandy Norton) wrote, in part:
> I've just been prototyping a simple multi-threaded internet news
> monitor ...

I can't claim to understand what you're doing ...

> I thought about using CGIHTTPServer in the Standard Lib but its use of
> forking doesn't make sense for Windows. OTOH, I'm also sure that
> there's a COM way to do this somehow, but I'd really like to try to
> make the end app as portable as possible. Another consideration is
> distribution footprint...(we wouldn't want the user to have to
> download and set up apache :-)

How about Zope? Download is 5 Mbytes, extremely easy to install, 
includes web server.

I've installed it for use by one of my smallest clients in maintaining 
their documentation. For what they need, it's very easy to maintain.

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