How much is set in stone?

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Wed Nov 7 01:23:57 CET 2001

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 15:29, Jive Dadson wrote:
> I expected better from this group.

I had skipped most of this thread because after reading you initial post, I 
saw that the feature you were requesting didn't interest me (and yes, I USE 
Python in commercial applications).  However, after seeing this post, I had 
to wonder what happened later so I went back and read the entire thread.  
What I saw was people trying to have an intelligent conversation with you 
(with the occasional misunderstanding, as per usual in conversations on 
technical topics) and you getting more belligerent as you realized that 
others weren't seeing it your way.

You expected better than... you?  Don't bother responding as I'll simply

"[dump] the rest of your message unread."

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