Numerical Python Bug ?

Uwe Schmitt uwe at
Thu Nov 8 10:35:01 CET 2001

Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu at> wrote:
|>>>>> "US" == Uwe Schmitt <uwe at> writes:

|     US> Hi, during a *large computation* I get problems with vectors /
|     US> arrays:

| Can you reduce this to a problem that others can reproduce?  If so
| that would most probably get you a more relavant answer.  Simple tests
| on Numeric seem to work fine for me.

No, thats my *problem*. Me myself can only reproduce it in my "big"
programm, neither on the commandline nor in a small testprogram.

What shall I do ? Are there any pyhton-gurus who are interested
to examine my program ?

Yours, Uwe.

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