Returning HTTP POST body from CGI module

Werner Schiendl ws-news at
Sat Nov 24 23:38:08 CET 2001


"Stephen" <shriek at> wrote in message
news:97ae44ee.0111241108.f40c23a at
> If I understand correctly, the body of a HTTP POST should be
> URL-encoded, right ?

AFAIK, this is only the default, you can also send other data formats in the
body, as long as the Content-Type has been specified in the header.
(e. g. you can specifiy the encoding in the HTML FORM tag)

>  Since they are sending XML data in the
> HTTP body, and it is not URL-encoded, it's not really
> compatible with the CGI module which will be looking for
> variable/value pairs.  Is it possible to access the raw
> HTTP header and body from the CGI module instead ?
> Or will I really have to write a socket handler to deal with
> this ?

If it is just a matter of a missing header, you can probably derive your own
class and tweak it or probably copy/modify the original code.


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