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Thu Nov 1 01:16:22 CET 2001

Rajarshi Guha <rxg218 at> wrote in
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>   I'm trying to use Python to send queries to a webpage and analyse the
> results. However the search engine does'nt use cgi scripts - it uses a 
> Javascript function. How can I access a JScript function. I realize
> that this is not really a Python question, but since I am using it I
> thought I'd ask here. I know that I have to use the urllib module but
> what string do I send to the server?

if the search engine is written in javascript the database is either in the 
webpage itself or there is a link to a datafile (probably a ".js"). if you 
can copy the database you can write your onwn search in python.

an other option is that the search engine is written as java-applet with 
data daownload or a connection to the server, but this is rare and a 
completly other story.


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