Considering getting into Python... Any Pros-Cons?

Bill Tate tatebll at
Wed Nov 7 14:49:16 CET 2001

d_blade8 at (Lemniscate) wrote in message news:<7396d2b2.0111051718.34610f8e at>...
> I agree with everything said here (for the most part), but I think it
> is all a bit biased (most readers of this newsgroup are python progs)
> so check this out:

- Hey I'll take that bias anyday.  Let's see - many projects with core
pieces built using python (runs the range of small, medium to large). 
Where performance has been found wanting, the authors have migrated
parts of their code base to a language more suited to the task (i.e.,
C or C++).  That strikes me as a developer community that doesn't
blindly use one language, which, unfortunately, often can't be said of
the "do everything in java" crowd.

p.s. which would you rather do, maintain and extend a code base
consisting of:
a. 40K lines of Python code
b. 40K lines of C++ code
c. 40K lines of PERL code

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