Python IDE Opinion Request

Robert Amesz sheershion at
Sun Nov 18 21:17:58 CET 2001

A. Keyton Weissinger wrote:

> I am a recent inductee into the Pythonista Cult.

Please note: the rumour we sacrifice virgins here is totally and fully 
without base whatsoever. That would be a waste of good virgins: we let 
them debug the standard library instead. Well -- some might argue that 
*is* sacrificing virgins...

> 1) Do you use a code editor (SlickEdit, emacs, etc) or an IDE
> (IDLE, etc)? Why?

I use SciTE, from It's tiny, but it looks good and 
has everyting I need. (For both Windows and Unix (GTK). You didn't 
specify which platform you're working with, although that omission is 
usually the hallmark of a Windows user.)

> 2) Are there any IDEs out there that allow me to do UIs easily
> (ala VB)? I don't want a big code generator, but being able to
> drag and drop some simple forms would be nice...

For wxPython there's Boa Constructor, in which any Delphi or C++ 
Builder programmer will find him/herself at home immediately. It's on 
Sourceforge somewhere.

Though I still prefer to do wxPython programming on my tiny little 
text editor. It just gives me better control.

> Thank you all. I know I'm telling you nothing you don't already
> know, but Python rocks!
> Why is it not out there more????

In the world of computer languages, widespread adoption (if only in a 
particular field) is often a matter of fortuitous timing (that's dumb 
luck to you and me, mate). Merit is often of secondary importance. 
Once languages get established in their particular niches, it's nearly 
impossible to shift them from that position. If you don't believe me, 
just ask yourself why Cobol is still around.

Python may have found a good niche for itself as an embedded 
interpreter[*] and a glue language. Let's see hoe it fares from there.

Robert Amesz
[*] For instance, Pegasus 4 will have Python scripting embedded into 
it a few months time, if everything goes well. I'd advise against 
holding your breath for this, however, as Pegasus 4 already has a 
history of missed deadlines, but I'm sure they'll get around to it 

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