Considering getting into Python... Any Pros-Cons?

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Mon Nov 5 02:57:27 CET 2001

I heartily recommend that you look into Python. But beware ! ;-)))

If your experience is anything like mine, you will begin to look into Python, as
if you have free will and can stop anytime you like, and go back to VB, or
baseball, or whatnot.

You will find yourself enjoying yourself, and thus spending more and more time
writing  Python code, reading Python books, corresponding on Python mail lists.

Python will seduce you, ever so subtly, that you will be unaware of its
tremendous power. You will begin to love object, classes and polymorphism. Soon,
you will seldom even use your old procedural techniques.

One day you will wake up and be hopelessly, head over heels in love. Going back
to your previous ways will no longer be an option.

Ron Stephens
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Cliff Pruitt wrote:

> Hello, I've just started looking into Python and am considering delving into
> it a bit.  My main reason is that it seems to be pretty portable across
> platforms.  I work on a Mac for the most part but I do work on windows
> machines durring the day and it would be fun (I think) to develop for both.
> So far I've downloaded the Python files and flipped through a little bit of
> the documentation but haven't gone into much detail with it.  I'm wondering
> if anyone could sort of give me a good idea of what Python is really capable
> of and maybe more importantly what it's NOT capable of.  The extent of my
> programming experience involves VBScript for the web.  If i had, say, a
> microsoft access Database, is python capable of displaying records and doing
> searches on that database?  Maybe more importantly is it capable of adding
> records?  Out of curiousity, what are the nicest or most complex
> applications you've seen done in Python?  A lot of what I've read referrs to
> Python as being useful as "glue" to hol dother languages like C++ and others
> together.  I dont know any of those so I'm wondering if Puthon will really
> be somethign useful to learn or not.
> Your insight is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> --
> C. Pruitt
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