The Wayback machine - an interesting poke into the past

Paul Brian pbrian at
Sat Nov 17 19:04:40 CET 2001

Dear all,

For no particular reason I thought people might be interested in this.

The same people who brought us Alexa and WAIS, have been archiving as much
of the web as they could spider for years. Now they have set up a web farm
to let us all browse our pre-history.

For example, the home page from january 1997.

The logo has not changed a bit :-)
Amazingly enough most of the links work too. I found an article by Frank
Williamson with some funny quotes just a click away.

Actually there are some interesting debates being brought up by this, from
defamation postings suddenly being resurrected, to people trying to forget
embarrassing statements, that come back to haunt.

but really its just for fun...

Paul Brian

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