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Fri Nov 23 16:56:18 CET 2001

John E. Barham <jbarham at> wrote:

> Hi there,

> I've done (and am currently doing) a lot of work in Python--mainly on
> Windows--and on the Palm, using Metrowerks C++.  Presumably you're
> already comfortable with C++ in which case I'd recommend sticking with
> it on the Palm.  Although the Palm API is straight C, we use
> full-blown C++ (including the STL) for our application.  C/C++ on the
> Palm is very different from the server-side due to the idiosyncracies
> of the Palm file system, the fact that Palm database records can be
> read and written to (with care ;) as if they were RAM and the lack of
> stdio (no printf() debugging means you really appreciate the
> debugger!).  Basically you leave behind the standard C library on the
> Palm.  Palm provides excellent documentation for the C
> API( and includes the C
> source code for many of the standard Palm apps
> ( which
> I've found invaluable in creating our own applications, albeit wishing
> I was reading Python instead...


thank you for the educational reply. We were hoping to have an app run on
a desktop PC and then provide a way to capture data on the palm and upload
it to our application. I have never done any palm programming so I was
hoping that I could retain at least some of the code from the PC
application to use on the palm, although I had a feeling this was a really
long shot :).


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