wxPython & asynchronous i/o

David Bolen db3l at fitlinxx.com
Tue Nov 13 20:52:13 CET 2001

bernard <bhayes at advaoptical.de> writes:

> I'm thinking of using wxPython in an app that requires the use of sockets.
> Is there any way to handle socket events via the wxPython mainloop
> or to use a select loop to 'implement' the wxPython mainloop - or am I on 
> the wrong track altogether ?

The pure wxWindows way to do it with the event loop would be to use
wxSockets, which generate appropriate events on I/O.  However, I don't
believe that wxSockets are wrapped by wxPython yet.

Personally, I'd just spin off a background thread to handle your
socket I/O, and post your own events to your GUI when you needed to do
something with the data with respect to the UI.  Then you could have a
normal select loop or even blocking I/O in that background thread.

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