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Wed Nov 21 23:38:13 CET 2001

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:33:22 -0800, Jeff Shannon <jeff at>

>Dave Cinege wrote:
>> Rule of God:
>> The punishment for non-tab based indentation is death.
>This is exactly backwards.
>Tabs are wrong, because different editors will treat them differently.
>Spaces are right, because a space is a space is a space, everywhere you

Thanks for the replies.  After reading the comments in
I just changed PythonWin to use 8 spaces per tab, use spaces instead
of hard tabs and an indent of 4, with auto-indent enabled,  and that
seemed to do it.  At least I tried pasting out of the same file that
hung me up before and didn't get any glitch.

The more I mess around with Python the more I like it.  I can see
the advantage of the indentation scheme since it's not as easy
to have an "obfuscated source" file that will actually compile like
you can in C. :)



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