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Huaiyu Zhu <huaiyu at> wrote:
| On 19 Nov 2001 15:31:13 GMT, Uwe Schmitt <uwe at> wrote:

|>I uses MatPy today and think it' quite useful. But there is one
|>incompatibility to matlab: in MatPy indices start at zero, in
|>Matlab they start at one. Is there a solution to adapt MatPy to
|>the Matlab style ?

| Although it is possible with some hacking, I don't think you would want to
| do that, because in Python all sequences are indexed this way, including
| NumPy arrays.  If that's changed there would be a lot of confusion when you
| transform between plain Python and numerical objects.

| Besides, there are many good reasons to start indexing from zero.  The open
| source Matlab-compatible language Octave allows both indexing from zero and
| one.  It defaults to start from zero, but if you choose an option (called
| "braindead" or something like that) it can start with one.  Braindead is not
| an easy option here. :-)

I'd prefer indexing from zero, because it's the notion used in
mathematics, most existing algorithms are formulated this way.

Greetings, Uwe.

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