Tools for the job

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry shalehperry at
Fri Nov 30 08:18:49 CET 2001

On 30-Nov-2001 Jeremy Lowery wrote:
> I'm looking for an easy way to disconnect a class instance that contains biz
> logic from the presentation of that object (in this case, HTML), maybe some
> kind of delegation is needed. Could someone point me to a module that has a
> simple cure?
> As I'm sure a lot of other designers feel, I don't like plugging HTML code
> into strings inside my business object's defintions. Maybe a template
> mechanism or something?
> Of course, there are a lot of the usual ways to do this, I was just
> wondering if Python had some snazzy builtin or known module that did this
> kind of stuff.

Look at how the htmllib handles output.

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