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Mon Nov 12 01:32:33 CET 2001

On Fri, 09 Nov 2001 17:11:24 -0500, Fernando Pérez wrote:

>> You'll have to pardon _my_ ignorance, because the only thing that I
>> know about Teud is "It looks better than HappyDoc". :) I'm generally
>> not interested in documentation generators, and haven't touched PyDoc
>> -- I just know the authors, and throught it'd be nice of me to plug
>> their project
> Well, I'll fill you in a bit (if you're running Python 2.1 you already
> have it). Pydoc is a full blown help/documentation system that now comes
> with python.


Ok, it turns out that Teud does indeed use pydoc as it's backend. I don't
know any more than this; I asked Itamar about it and that's all he told
me, and he said he didn't have enough time to follow up to the thread.

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