How to marshal a function?

John Roth johnroth at
Thu Nov 15 17:55:14 CET 2001

Uh, this isn't a mailing list. It's a newsgroup. I fail to
see what 'procmail', 'mailer agent' and other
such things have to do with it.

John Roth

"François Pinard" <pinard at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1005789703.29953.python-list at
> [Cliff Wells]
> > BTW, are you aware that you are double-posting?
> Oh, I merely reply to all like I usually do, as there is no
> to invite my mailer agent (Gnus) to do otherwise.  So you receive two
> copies, one as the author of the original, the other as a list member.
> Both messages you received from me should be identical even up to the
> Message-ID, and many user agents automatically hide duplicates
> or at least, have provisions for doing so.  Otherwise, a simple
> filter should easily take care of recent duplicates -- I can dig it
> you in the documentation if you do not quickly find it.
> --
> François Pinard

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