Pymacs 0.12

François Pinard pinard at
Fri Nov 30 01:32:57 CET 2001

Hi!  A new release of Pymacs is available as:

Pymacs allows Emacs users to extend Emacs using Python, where they might have
traditionally used Emacs LISP.  Pymacs runs on systems having sub-processes.

Not much changed in this release.  The limit of time while starting the
Python subprocess has been raised from 5 to 30 seconds, for heavily loaded
systems.  Time limits may now be preset from the `.emacs' file, as needed.

With the publication notice of Pymacs 0.11, I gave this example:

        import pymacs
        interactions = {}

        def hello_world():
            "`Hello world' from Python."
            pymacs.lisp.insert("Hello from Python!")
        interactions[hello_world] = ''

to show how one provides an `(interactive)' specification.  Python 2 users
may prefer using function attributes, and replace the last line with:

        hello_world.interactions = ''

If this does not work, Pymacs falls back on the old portable method.  Enjoy!

François Pinard

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