python vs ecmascript

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Fri Nov 16 20:08:15 CET 2001

Hello !! ;-)))

JavaScript is nice because you can embed it in web browsers and use it to do
input/putupt interfaces over the web. JavaScript and its cousins (ecmascript et
al) are somewhat unique in working almost all the time in almost all web
browsers in this regards.

The above is an advantage of JavaScript over Python. In my experience, Python
has the following advantages over JavaScript:

1. Python is more versatile in that it can be used more easily on a much wider
set of jobs. Python can be used to do very large programming jobs such as Zope.
I do not believe anyone has ever tried to use JavaScript for such large and
complex jobs. Why is Python so much more useful for such large jobs? I think
others on this list can answer that question better than I can, but certainly
Python's robust and complete object orientation features come into play in this.

2. Python has a much larger and more powerful set of tools. The Python
Libraries, for instance, offer powerful yet easy capabilities in string
processing, numerical processing, Internet and web processing etc. etc. etc.
that JavaScript simply doesn't have.

3. Python has many good graphics libraries. I believe JavaScript can not do
graphics programming at all, except for simple web based GUI's for user
interaction and also display of JPEgs, GIF's etc.; but as far as actually
processing images and graphics themselves, JavaScript is not the right tool.

4. Python has several really good IDE's, including IDLE which is part of the
actual Python download. This feature, for me, is one of the most important
strengths of Python. It makes debugging Python code so much easier for me than
debugging JavaScript programs. If you haven't used the Python debugging tools in
IDLE, PythonWin etc. etc. etc., then you have a real treat in store for you.
Saves time! Makes life easier!

5. Python has a really good exception and error handling capability.

6. Python code is really easy to read and maintain. A page of Python code is
clean, simple, and easy to understand.

7. Python can easily be extended using C or C++. Alternately, Python can easily
be embedded in C or C++ code. These facts dramatically extend Python's
usefulness and power.

8. There exists a fine Java implementation of Python, called Jython. Jython
allows you to use Python's easy to learn and use scripting language features,
while allowing the code to run on JVM's. Also Jython allows you to call and use
any Java classes. Also allows Java programmers to call and use Jython classes.

9. Python is Fun! and it has an incredibly good, knowledgeable, and friendly
user community. The value of this feature alone is more than enough to sell me
on using Python !!! ;-))))

Ron Stephens

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