A modest proposal (continued)

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Fri Nov 16 17:16:42 CET 2001

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> John> Didn't we discuss this a month or two ago? There was quite a bit
>     John> of talk about speeding up access to module level names and so
>     John> forth, even going into the changes needed in the bytecode set,
>     and John> possibly even an implementation.
> Go to http://python.sourceforge.net/peps/ and check out PEPs 266 and
> 267. There will possibly be a Developer's Day session on optimization.

PEP 267 is very similar to my modest proposal.  Apparently, functions are
permanently bound to the module they are defined in, so my call site
caching scheme isn't necessary.  I vote for PEP 267.

But what about my suggestion of applying the Dlict concept to classes?
Using the call site caching scheme works for methods that may execute 
with instances created by arbitrary multiple inheritance.  Keeping only
the slot array with each instance and the symbol table with the class
saves memory.

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