Request for Validation of Python as Development Language

Andrei Kulakov sill at
Wed Nov 14 03:41:29 CET 2001

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 23:19:35 -0500, A. Keyton Weissinger <keyton at> wrote:
> Does anyone have a more recent list of commercial products out there that
> use Python? I've heard the usual RedHat, Microsoft (nebulous), and Ultima
> Online. I'd like more.
> The information in the books and the site is a bit dated.
> I'm pretty new to the language and I'd like to use it for more stuff at
> work. I'm beginning to feel some of the stigma of it being a "scripting
> language." This is a bad rap. I'm in a .NET/Java shop (about 90%/10% for
> those who care) and I'd like to introduce Python into the mix. But I say
> "scripting language" and people head to the hills yelling "PERL!" which is a
> bit disconcerting (especially since I like Perl too, though not as much as
> Python). They need to hear "object oriented application development
> language" or I need to buck up and realize I'm barking up the wrong tree.
> Thank you!
> Keyton

Well, other than the stuff others mentioned already, I think it's
impressive that NASA uses python, and it's used in computer animated
graphics in movie industry, and widely used in biochemistry, and other
sciences. Yahoo and google use it, too.


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