Shelve problem: why so big?

Geert-Jan Giezeman geert at
Thu Nov 8 14:30:38 CET 2001

>"Oleg Broytmann" <phd at> wrote in message
>news:mailman.1005218719.27461.python-list at
>> On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 11:00:52AM +0000, Geert-Jan Giezeman wrote:
>> > I am trying to create a shelve from a table of 1100 by 1100 floating
>> > point numbers, which I want to store as 1100 lists of length 1100,
>> > indexed by a key. Unfortunately, I get an error when I try to create
>> > this:
>> > bsddb.error; (22, Invalid argument)

This FAQ advises to move to a newer version of the Berkeley DB library.
How do I know which version I use? How do I replace it with a newer?
(I installed the standard Python 2.1 distribution for Windows).

In <dfvG7.28$eZi.174679040 at> "Thomas Weholt" <thomas at> writes:
>I've experienced this problem if I don't close the db-connection after using
>it. Be sure that you call close before ending the script/program.

I did that, so that was not the cause of the trouble.

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