Tkinter Crash under PythonWin

Russell E. Owen owen at astrono.junkwashington.emu
Mon Nov 12 20:06:29 CET 2001

I'm not sure about Windows, but in the case of unix and Mac, the IDE is 
not suitable for Tkinter scripts (due to colliding event loops or 
similar problems) and you have to use the command-line version instead. 
If that's your problem, it should be pretty clearly stated in the 
release notes or some similar documentation.

-- Russell

In article <4OTH7.461273$ME2.55093623 at>,
 "Dave Butler" <davebutlerREMOVE at> wrote:

>I recently began exploring Tkinter programming. I built the following
>program based on similar code in a book:...
>This simple "app" opens fine and closes when run from a command prompt
>(under Win2000). However, when run from PythonWin (win32all build 140) the
>app does not close and a few clicks later PythonWin crashes with a MS Visual
>C++ runtime error ("abnormal program termination")...

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