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Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Nov 25 03:25:22 CET 2001

Dave Cinege wrote:
> On Saturday 24 November 2001 9:21, Peter Hansen wrote:
> > Unfortunately, since the definition of a tab is ambiguous and
> > inconsistent,
> # ascii tab
> ASCII 0/9 is decimal 009, hex 09, octal 011, bits 00001001: called ^I, HT, TAB
> Official name: Character Tabulation
> Other names: Horizontal Tab, \t
> It's what it's always been for at least 30 years...

You really don't actually understand the point everyone is 
making here, do you?  I thought you were just being "in your face"
for effect, but now I see you're lost.

Yes, the above is what people call a tab.  That doesn't say anything
about the uses to which people (and software) put it.  It is *that* 
which is ambiguous and inconsistent.  Didn't that get through
in the dozen other messages on the subject?  Or are you currently
in a mode where you jump on perhaps-sloppy use of words instead
of concentrating on the intended meaning?

> > Unfortunately, some people insist on using tabs with tabstop
> > sizes other than 8,
> # ascii tabstop
> ?
> Do relize this WHOLE TIME you are arguing a term that is only
> relevent for a particular (set of) ascii editor? There is no such
> thing as a 'tabstop' in the binary world.

Tab, tabstop, whatever.  There's no "tab" in the binary world either.
Just ones and zeros.

Once again, the point you missed is that tabs are sometimes 
treated (by software) in such a way as to advance the cursor
other than to the next multiple of 8 (which effect I was calling 
the tabstop, so I wouldn't get jumped on by people like you for 
saying tabs represented a fixed 8 spaces).

> > In the end, if people mixed tabs which were not the typical
> > size
> A tab is a byte == 9. If you have a 'different sized' tab, it's called
> a different character, and not a tab!

You're quite tiresome.  I could have said "if people mixed tabs
when their editor was configured to treat them as though they
caused the cursor to advance to a position which was not a 
multiple of the conventional number of spaces", but then that
would have confused people.  As it is, it seems only you are 

I strongly suspect, based on your other postings, you are just
trolling here, trying in a really obscure way to say that you
think discussion of tab "sizes" is just a religious discussion.
If that's all you're contributing, consider your point made
and please stop the ranting.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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