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Fri Nov 23 20:31:00 CET 2001

Martin von Loewis <loewis at> wrote:
> "Morten W. Petersen" <morten at> writes:

>>   1. What is the plan for psyco (inclusion in the standard
>>   distribution, etc) ?

> Here is what I think should/will happen:

> * Psyco needs more help. Poor Armin is trying to get people
>  interested, but nothing happens. I guess this is *also* an aspect of
>  free software: Even if you follow the rules (publish early, publish
>  often), success is not guaranteed.

Does he have a mailing list? I looked for one briefly but could find 
nothing obvious. He needs a mailing list. :)

>  However, it may be that he'll give up one day if there isn't more
>  interest in his work beyond people posting "looks cool" in a
>  newsgroup...

Agreed, which would be a major shame. So far I'm one of the 'looks cool'
folks, I'm afraid.

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