Windows Scripting Host Python Engine not registered/installed??

Michael Kelly mkelly2002NOSPAM at
Sat Nov 24 20:03:28 CET 2001

Hi.  I'm trying out the Windows Scripting Host and even though runs with no error any python scripting attempt reports
that it cannot find the Python engine.  Also in all the demo IE pages
with scripts the Python scripted portions don't work while the VB
script ones do.  I think they changed around the subdirectory
structure as some of the docs say win32com folder when the stuff is in
win32comext folder.

Anyway, WScript.exe seems to work since any text file with
a .vbs extention will invoke it such as a file with .vbs extention
and the single line:
WScript.Echo("Hello World")
pops up a message box.

Anyone have a tip?  I'm a bit bewildered as it seems this
should be an easy one.




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