IsPython really O-O?

Modman modman at
Wed Nov 14 17:59:39 CET 2001

Tim Hammerquist <tim at> wrote in message news:<slrn9v3ous.1ob.tim at>...
> Roy Smith <roy at> graced us by uttering:
> > ianb at (Ian Bicking) wrote:
> >> If you look under the hood, Python is much more like Smalltalk than
> >> Java. 
> > 
> > I'm having trouble parsing that.  Which of the following did you mean?
> > 
> > 1) Python is more like Smalltalk that Python is like Java
> > 2) Python is more like Smalltalk than Java is like Smalltalk
> I grokked it as meaning case 2.
> That's what we get for using English.  Now if we used Latin, we wouldn't
> have to rely on the relative location of words in a sentence to
> determine meaning...  ;)

why is that bad? Python uses position to determine meaning (i.e.
Spaces are significant) :-)

just thought I could try to tie this back into the main topic :-)

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