Option Explicit: Yuck.

Warren Postma warren-postma at home.com
Sat Nov 17 05:30:51 CET 2001

I felt the same way when I first encountered Python.  After I had spent a
little more time with it,
and had read the C code implementing the various types, I realized the
Necessity and Completeness of Python, which in a certain way, is the most
harmonious convergence of theoretical Perfection and practical Usability of
any language I have yet encountered.

Option Explicit would wreck all that.

Now, I've always hated VB, but I had not thought of why, until I started
using Python.

Now that I have decided I really like Python, I explain my choices of
Language as follows:

(1) C is a great language, because its the only language Python could have
been implemented in, and be both portable to a wide set of platforms, yet
provide acceptably high performance, and acceptable levels of OS-specific
integration. Nevertheless, without Python, I wouldn't want to try to
manipulate polymorphic hierachical data sets in bare C or C++.  The object
model of C and C++ is Insufficient. Obviously a layer on top is necessary
for that. That layer is Python.

(2) Python is a great language, but I wouldn't want to write a C compiler
using it.  Well, not just yet, anyways. <grin>

(3) Visual Basic, at least until Visual Studio.NET is not capable of either
#1 or #2, and it remains to be seen if .NET can reverse that.  (VB.net will
be the first truly Object Oriented version of VB, but will probably still
not be fully dynamic like Python.)

Warren Postma

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