questions about of writing python scripts

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Nov 30 03:14:13 CET 2001

ed wrote:
> I am writing a program in python, but I find that in using the python
> interpreter in writing program I am not able to find errors in the
> erliaest stage. I need to run the program a lot of timee just to find
> out errors like:
> simple syntax errors that are embedded in the functions that I called
> in other modules....
> Is there a way to force the python interpretter to kind of doing
> "compilation" of the python scripts, so that I do not need to
> rerunning the progrma a lot of times just to find out they are errors
> like varibles not defined; functions name not found, variables not
> found?

Consider using PyChecker.  (See, although
that was offline a moment ago.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
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