poll() on a linux box always returns POLLIN

ab ajb at spkypc.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 15:07:49 CET 2001


Just trying out some asynchronous socket operations in python,
simple client server test code.

Anyway so I get a queue of threads going waiting to be passed sockets.
When they get a socket, I am using poll to implement timeouts. However
poll() always seems to return data ready POLLIN, even when client has
disconnected and finished. when reading the socket, 0 bytes of data is
returned, as you would expect with the peer disconnected ???
any thoughts ???

sample code:

                while 1:
                    result = poller.poll(5000)
                    print result
                    if result == []:
                    fd,event = result[0]
                    if event == select.POLLIN:
                        print 'receiving'
                        str = conn.recv(1024)

                        print len(str)
                        print str

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