Non-Indented python

Philip Swartzleonard starx at
Tue Nov 27 04:43:14 CET 2001

Lucio Torre || Thu 22 Nov 2001 09:38:12a:

> On problem i had several times, is that while cut and pasting code from 
> one source (ie, mozilla) to a editor (ie, komodo), indentation will be 
> wrong. lines would be continued an there would be a real mess because to 
> 'beautify' the source, youd have to understand the code.

This is more of a problem of 'copying text out of a html display window and 
trying to do anything useful with it' problem... even if there were tabs the 
html output wouldn't show them because of the way html treats whitespace... 
You'd probably have better luck copying from the 'display source' window...

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