how to call external functions from python

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Thu Nov 29 03:23:20 CET 2001

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<3C046A11.175B9FB5 at>...
> weeang wrote:
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> > i need help on the following:
> > 
> > 1) find all files in inbox directory and zip them
> > 2) move the zipped file to outbox
> > 3) copy the zipped file to a remote directory
> What's an inbox?  An outbox?  There is no general
> implementation of such things, so your question
> must be platform and/or application-dependent.
> Knowing you are on Windows doesn't actually help.
> Do you mean Outlook?  Probably not, since you mentioned
> you'll move to Linux.

I had meant for eg. an inbox local directory... and an outbox local
directory.. and no, it's not platform or application-dependent... but
rather.. being descriptive of the directories, rather than from 1st
directory.. to 2nd directory, etc...  Sorry for the confusion..

> > i m using python 2.1, using windows for my initial testing.  however,
> > i will subsequently use the script on a linux box instead.
> Maybe describing what your general objectives are,
> rather than the specific steps you think will get
> you there, would help.  *Why* are you trying to 
> do these things?  There might be better options.

My general objectives are:
To zip all files in a directory and copy the zipped file to a remote

The design is as follows, i.e. simulating a ms outlook functionality:
1)Zip all the files in a local 'inbox' directory
2)Move the zipped file to local 'outbox' directory
3)Copy the zipped file to a remote directory
4)Moving the zipped file to a local 'sent' directory

I hope I have made myself clear??  

Thanks once again, & best regards.

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