Overheads from Lightweight Languages Conference.

Ron Stephens rdsteph at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 29 02:30:48 CET 2001

Since I attended this conference I have been included on a mailing list,
and recently I recieved a list of links, which includes some, but not
all, of the overhead presentations given at the conference Nov 17 at
MIT. I am copying these links a the bottom of this post.

Jeremy Hylton's presentation is included. Actually, to those of us
already familiar with Python, some of the other presentations are the
most interesting since they cover unfamiliar territory. There are some
other interesting links.

I hope this will help answer some of the emailed questions about the
conference that I have received.

By the way, my web site host seems to be down right now. I will post
these LLC links and overheads on my site also for future reference.

One last thing. I am going to slightly revise my review of Python 2.1
Bible. It is a good and thorough book, and I think I indicated that.
However, since I read this book *after* so many others, I used the
phrase "me-too" and I now think that was unwise and unfair; if I had
read the Python Bible *first*, I would not have used that ill advised
phrase. I am re-looking at this book (after reading an email from an
admirer of the book who felt I missed a little of its virtues). It is
good and thorough and deserves equal consideration, from new readers,
with some of my favorites like "Core Python"

I will revise the review as soon as I can log into my web hosting site
again. Thanks to all the many folks who read some of the reviews and
commented on them to me.


There are a few updates to the LL1 web site, http://ll1.mit.edu/
with links to the following:

  * A number of the presenters have made their slides/notes
    available.  They are available via the Agenda page or at:

  * Eric Kidd has posted some pictures,

  * Simon Cozens has posted an article to perl.com,

  * There is an archive of the ll1-discuss mailing list,

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