using python with MS WSH? .NET?

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Wed Nov 21 20:33:17 CET 2001

Peoter Veliki wrote:

> Can Python be used with MS Windows Script Host (WSH)?  What about for use
> with .NET?  What are the limitations of using Python in windows?  I am very
> new to the MS world, don't flame if these are silly questions.  Thanks.

Check out Mark Hammond's book, Python Programming on Win32. Mr. Hammond also
created the excellent win 32 Python extensions and tools included in the
ActiveState distribution of Python, which is highly recommended. H also has
done some work creating a python prototype on .NET, but this is definitely not
ready for prime time yet.

Check out the ActiveState web site, I think it is and try
the win32 Python distribution. Look up Mark Hammond's web site. get his book if
at all possible.

Yes Python works very well with windows and COM.


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