Python IDE Opinion Request

Ville Vainio vvainio at
Tue Nov 27 09:08:31 CET 2001

"A. Keyton Weissinger" <keyton at> writes:

> 1) Do you use a code editor (SlickEdit, emacs, etc) or an IDE (IDLE, etc)?
> Why?

I use xemacs for all my editing (any language), but having PythonWin
open for interactive stuff helps. It provides autocompletion, so there
is less to write and remember. You can escape to a python interpreter
from emacs by C-c !, but it does not provide all the fancy features of
PythonWin (and probably IDLE also). IDE that ships w/ python is always
valuable, for working in environments that only have crippled editors
(that routinely consider tab a true character).

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